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Current Drop-in Life Drawing, Painting and Sculpture Sessions in our Brighton club

Sessions marked * are just £4 for students and unemployed.
Please note non members (excluding students and unemployed) pay an additional £1 per session.

Gift vouchers can be bought for sessions. Email the club for this information. 

Any last minute changes are usually posted on our Facebook page

DayTimeType of SessionCost
Life Drawing*. A session offering a variety of poses of various duration. Session leader: Graham Fletcher 01273 889557  
£6 members, £7 non-members, £4 students/unemployed
Life Drawing*  A mixture of poses from 3 to 20 minutes. Session leader:  Kindred Rose 07792 877197    
£6 members, £7 non-members, £4 students/unemployed
Life Drawing* Short poses, mostly 10-15 mins with quiet background electronica, world and jazz music.  Session leader: Bill Donohoe 07708 870791    
£6 members, £7 non-members, £4 students/unemployed
Costume/Portrait. Three weeks same pose with an emphasis on drawing and painting people with interesting features. Session leader: Graham Hanney  01273 306123    
£6.00 members, £7 non-members
Life Drawing* A session with a variety of short poses Session leader: Juliet Kac 01273 504991 / 07854 431193    
£6 members, £7 non-members, £4 students/unemployed
Life Sculpture  Six week session with helpful tips along the way. Some materials provided. Session leader: Pippa Burley 01273 474865 / 07837 362990    
£7.00 members, £8.00 non-members
Life Drawing/Painting*. Three short poses and two 45 minute poses. Session leader: Jason Little 07884086301.  
£6 members, £7 non-members, £4 students/unemployed
Life Drawing/Painting*. Two pose session (each approximately 1hr.) Session leader: Julian Vilarrubi 07929449514. Xmas closing 21st and 28th Dec
£6 members, £7 non-members, £4 students/unemployed
Life Painting. One life model, 4-5 weeks same pose. Session leader: Pete Goodall 07946601008.  
£7.50 members, £8.50 non-members
Using one model for one pose for 3-4 weeks. An opportunity for a long considered artwork, a series of studies from different angles or any other ideas you wish to pursue. Session leader: Martin Bentley  01273 401135  
£7.00 members, £8.00 non-members