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Health & Safety

  1. In Case of fire, the session leader will ask members to leave the building and call the fire brigade.The main staircase should be used. If needed there is also a ladder in the large studio that can be lowered out of the window and used to exit the building to the ground below. It is suspended on the black beam near the window in the main studio.The assembly point is in Bond Street at the entrance to the alley.
  2. The first aid box and accident book are kept next to the sink in the main studio.The session leader should be advised of any incident that has occurred and should be logged in the accident report book. 
  3. No solvents can be stored, disposed of in the waste or poured down the sink at the club.All members must take their own solvents and materials home. Members are also responsible for the safety of their own materials and should be aware of the affect of chemicals on others and should ensure that they are fit for purpose.We suggest that spray fixatives should be only be used outside and that white spirit or low odour turpentine be used instead of turpentine. 
  4. Only use designated boards to place notices and drawings. 
  5. Food cannot be prepared on the premises.

If you would like to know what the law says about clubs and members of clubs please refer to your local library which will have relevant information to which you can refer. Membership data may be stored in electronic form in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. We do not permit any information to be passed to other organisations.

Please contact us should you need any more details.