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Membership of our life drawing club

Club Guidlines

The Club is a relaxed and informal place and to preserve this atmosphere, the club has a few guidelines we ask you all to follow.

  1. No Smoking anywhere on the premises. 
  2. All members should sign the attendance book on entering the club to ensure that we know who is the building in case of emergency. 
  3. Members are only allowed in the club for arranged sessions or club events. 
  4. Toilet facilities are on the ground floor.
  5. Please clean up after yourself. Put tables and drawing boards away so it’s clear for the next session. Wipe up any loose charcoal or paint so others won’t accidentally get a mess all over themselves. Also, if you have a tea or coffee, please rinse out the mug and leave by the sink. If you are painting, use the jars provided to put water or white spirit in and not the tea mugs. The mugs are only to be used for drinking from. 
  6. No personal artwork or materials can be stored in the studio other than work in progress from ongoing sessions. Any work left at the club will be disposed. 
  7. As the club is an art club there is always a possibility of ruining clothes and as such the club will not be liable to damage to clothing. If you are not happy with any covering used or soft furnishing we suggest that you bring your own.

Please contact us should you need any more details.